BOOK ONLINE Understanding Your Home Warranty: Repair Processes and Options

Understanding Home Warranty Process and Repair Options

When it comes to home maintenance, a home warranty can be a lifesaver. It helps you manage unexpected repair costs efficiently. However, it’s essential to understand the process of using a home warranty and the difference between same-day repairs and those that require approval due to their high cost.

Same-Day Repairs vs. High-Cost Repairs

Same-Day Repairs are straightforward fixes that can be done immediately. These typically involve minor issues with your home systems or appliances, which can be addressed promptly by our skilled technicians.

On the other hand, High-Cost Repairs involve complex problems that necessitate substantial work or the replacement of expensive parts. Due to the higher cost associated with these repairs, they need to go through an approval process within the home warranty company.

The Approval and Ordering Process

The approval process for high-cost repairs is meticulous and involves several departments. Once a repair request is approved, it moves to the ordering department. This department contacts the manufacturer to order the required equipment or parts. To save on costs, many home warranty companies provide their own parts.

The manufacturer then employs a shipping company to deliver the parts. For larger parts, shipping companies often wait until they have a full truckload before initiating the delivery. This process inevitably extends the time it takes to complete a repair or installation.

Upon arrival, the part or unit is verified for correctness. We then contact the homeowner to schedule the installation.

Considering the Cash Out Option

Given the numerous steps involved in this process, some customers prefer the ‘Cash Out’ option. This means they choose to pay out of pocket to avoid any potential delays. The ‘Cash Out’ process is straightforward and we’ve detailed it further on our Cash Out Information Page.

While the process may seem extensive, it’s designed to ensure that all repairs meet high-quality standards and are cost-effective. We understand the importance of timely repairs and strive to provide homeowners with options that best suit their needs and circumstances.