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Heating and Cooling Repair

Sometimes your Air Conditioner or Heat Pump breaks at the worst time. Replacing your Heat Pump or A/c system can be costly. A/c Pros has come to the rescue with A/c Rebuild. We can take older systems and restore them to like-new condition. A/c Rebuild comes in different packages. Contact us for more information and to find out if A/c Rebuild is right for you and your family.

Top Quality Heating and Cooling system Repair

Furnace Repair

When it’s time to repair your furnace, it’s essential to know who the repair specialist is that is coming out. Our technicians are background checked and certified in the industry. Additionally, we require all technical apprentices to go through our company training program, which not only verifies their technical skills but customer service skills as well.

Heat Pump Repair

Heat Pumps can be complicated when it comes to repairing. It’s super important to use a knowledgable heat pump repair contractor. At A/c Pros, our technicians go through specialized Heat Pump training so that we can diagnose and repair Heat Pumps fast and efficiently.

Air Conditioner Repair

Central ac systems tend to break down a lot in our area. The scorching heat takes a toll on everyone’s air conditioning system. One thing you don’t want is to repair your a/c system only to have it break down again in the near future. Once is too much, much less having to deal with numerous air conditioner repairs. We are not a bandaid repair type company. When we repair and ac system that repair is designed to last. We do not use inferior parts which can cause the system to break down prematurely. If you are looking for lasting a/c repairs with great customer service you have come to the right place.

Ductless Mini-Split Repair

Can Ductless Min-Splits be repaired? Yes, in many cases, they can. However, when they do break and are in need of repair, it can become complicated. Each manufacturer designs their systems a bit differently, so the steps of diagnostic are not always the same. High-efficiency ductless mini-splits typically run off a vfd drive. These drives usually use sensors to tell them what is going on. For example, your indoor blower may not turn on until the temperature of the indoor coil gets cold or hot enough. Many people might diagnose an indoor fan, not running to be a bad indoor blower.

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