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Gas Furnaces are a widespread type of heating system in Mohave County. Many of our clients rely on Gas Furnaces to keep their homes warm in the winter. One danger of gas furnaces is carbon monoxide. What sets us apart from other gas furnace repair companies is that it is our policy to test for carbon monoxide in our client's home after every repair, along with inspecting the heat exchanger of the gas furnaces. There are many ways gas furnaces fail, one of which is venting. It is imperative to not only check for carbon monoxide and check the integrity of the heat exchanger in a gas furnace but also the venting system. Improper venting can also cause carbon monoxide poisoning.

We cannot stress it enough, have your gas furnace repaired by a licensed contractor. When it comes to gas furnaces, it is also important to tune them up properly. Setting your fuel to air mixture based on combustion analysis is essential to making sure your gas furnaces are running at its peak performance. Our gas furnace services include combustion analysis, carbon monoxide testing, hydro heat exchanger testing, and gas furnace repair.

In addition to gas furnace repair, we also provide electric furnace repair. In our area, we find electric furnaces used in conjunction with heat pump systems. In many cases, electric furnaces are used as a secondary source of heat in our area. Electric Furnaces are 100% efficient, meaning the electricity used to produce heat has no noticeable loss. The issue is that the cost of electricity used to create that heat is very pricing. Electric Furnaces typically use many watts to produce heat. Our technicians are very knowledgeable when it comes to electric furnace repair. We have electrical furnace installation and furnace maintenance service available

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