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Quick Answers To Common Questions 

What types of services do you offer?
Repair, Installation & Maintenance

What do we work on?
HVAC - Heating - Air Conditioning & Refrigeration

What areas do we service?
Kingman, Fort Mohave, Bullhead City, Golden Valley, Peach Springs. Dolan Springs, Yucca, and Meadview, Arizona


HVAC - Heating - Air Conditioning - Maiantenance - Repair - Install
At A/c Pros our customer service is second to none. We love heating and cooling from our Dispatching to our Repairing, Installing, Servicing and Advising we provide awesome customer service. When you need heating and cooling repair service or installation call A/c Pros. For the best ac repair around we highly recommend A/c Rebuild

Cooling Services / Air Conditioning Contractor
Ac Repair Experts. We pride ourselves in our quick air conditioner diagnosis and long-lasting repairs. A/c Pros is your air conditioning repair pro. Central air is what we do best. We love working on air conditioning equipment from the air conditioning installations to the annual maintenance we love air conditioning. Call A/c pros if you need anything for your air conditioning system. If you are looking for air conditioner install you have come to the right place. A/c Pros has pride in their central air installations.

Indoor Air Quality
Air quality is important for every residential home or commercial business. Our air purifiers connect you the air conditioning/heating and air system. Our purifiers provide purification for the whole house or business air purifiers.

Heating Services / Heating Contractor
We are not just ac repair experts, but we also know our stuff when it comes to heaters. A/c Pros is a local heating contractor No matter the heater, heat pump, natural gas furnace, propane gas furnace, electric heater. We repair, install, and service them all. heat pumps are complicated systems. We also service water heater type heating equipment. A/c pros also provide furnace replacement. Make sure you hire a pro for your heating system service. If you are in need of furnace repair give us a jingle we stalk many heater system parts. Central Heating & Ductless mini-split heat pump service, repair & installation. Our ductless mini splits are very energy efficient and help our clients save energy & save money.

HVAC Services
A/c Pros is the proud designer of HVAC Rebuild. Restore / Rebuild / Repair your heating system with our trademarked HVAC Rebuild product. We also have HVAC Installation and Maintenance services available. Use HVAC Rebuild on your heat pump heating system and air conditioning. HVAC Rebuild is perfect for every heating and cooling system. We are here for all your heating and cooling needs no matter if it is repair or replaces. Our HVAC maintenance has the aim to save energy & save money. A/c Pros all about making the equipment the most energy efficient. A/c Pros heating and cooling your local homes heating pro. A/c Pros provides heating and air conditioning ductless mini-split heat pump installation and repair. We are mini-split heat pump trained and certified.

Home Automation
Monitoring various aspects of your home helps make us more conscious of our energy efficiency. It also makes life easier in many ways. If you are interested in home automation and want more information give us a call. We also install service and repair zoning systems

Geothermal Heating
Many people wonder if geothermal heating is right for them. It really comes down to your ground material. Caliche in the ground is a real obstacle to geothermal heating. Typically you want a higher water table. So environment makes a big difference when thinking about geothermal heating.At A/c Pros our customer service is second to none. We love heating and cooling from our Dispatching to our Repairing, Installing, Servicing and Advising we provide awesome customer service. When you need heating and cooling repair service or installation call A/c Pros


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