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Who We Are

Christian Contractor with Years of Experience

A/C PROS is a Christian company with Christian values. One of those values is servanthood. We believe that we should imitate Christ in our business. Jesus came to serve, and we try to apply that same attitude of servanthood to our work.
Our Service technicians stand out from their peers when it comes to service. They know there is not a one size fits all service. All Performance Maintenance is different. Yes, there are procedures we follow every service. But we always try to look for that one particular thing that the client wants out of our service. We also provide custom maintenance plans. Some of our clients are elderly and cannot change their filters as recommended. We can fix that issue very quickly with one of our custom maintenance plans. If you are in need of a local HVAC Contractor for Heating and Air Conditioning Repair or Installation look no further A/c Pros is here for you.

Cleaning the Filters

Professional Services

Efficient. Reliable. Exceptional Service

We install all types of Heating and Cooling systems. Whether you are looking for a Heat Pump, Gas Furnace, Electric Furnace or a straight cool Central Air Conditioner we have you covered. Our installation team is second to none. We care about our work and it definitely shows by our exceptional installations. If it's time to install a new Heating or Cooling system you have come to the right place. We also provide ductless mini split installation for those that are not looking for a central Heating and Air Conditioning system. Call us now to set up your free estimate

Quality Heating & Cooling Repair

HVAC - Heating - Air Conditioning Repair is one of the many facets of specializing in Heating and Air Conditioning. We wish all systems would have performance maintenance performed, so they don't break down. Unfortunately, we know that is not the case. In preparation for those pesky breakdowns, we keep our Customer Service Specialists trained on the latest Heating and Air Conditioning Technology. We require our Service Technicians to go through R.s.e.s training. This training ensures that Air Conditioners, Furnace and Heat Pumps, get repaired to the highest standards. It ensures that our Technicians have the competence and confidence to do the job right the first time.

Extending the life of your system

There are many important factors at play when inspecting an HVAC / Heating & Air Conditioning system. For example, a return air grill size is an essential factor when checking the mechanical system. What we have found is that many return air grills are undersized. If your return air grills are not close to 200 square inches per ton, then it is too small. Not enough return air affects the performance of your Heating and Cooling system. If you do not get enough air going into your equipment, you can very quickly lose a compressor or heat exchanger before its time. Many new construction HVAC jobs go to the lowest bidder. Unfortunately, the lowest bidder usually only does what is needed to make it work. A/C PROS can spot bad install issues before they cause further damage to your system. If you think your Cooling or Heating system is running more than it should give us a call. We can usually diagnose equipment in a few minutes.

What we do

Local Heating and Cooling Repair Specialists. We are located in Mohave County, Arizona. A few of the cities we service are Kingman, Golden Valley, Bullhead City, Fort Mohave, Mohave Valley and Lake Havasu City

If you are in need of Heating and Cooling Repair, Service or Installation let us know we would be happy to help. We work on all major brands when it comes to Central Heating and Central Cooling. 

We also provide repair, installation and service for ductless mini split systems

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Standing Air Conditioner

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