In addition to proper design, the installation itself is critical. The best Heat Pump in the world can be a lemon if not installed correctly. Our Heat Pump installation practices set us apart from our competitors. They are second to none! Improperly installed Heat Pump systems can end up costing you in energy and efficiency. There are specific tips and tricks that we use to save our clients money when it's time to replace and install their new Heat Pump.

Heating and Cooling Installation

Furnace Installation

Finding the best furnace replacement specialist in Mohave County is not always an easy task. Checking reviews are an excellent place to start in your search. A/C Pros is one of the most highly-rated furnace installation companies in Mohave County. Our technicians are very experienced when it comes to all furnace related services. Our reviews speak for themselves.

Heat Pump Installation

There are many calculations when it comes to installing heat pump systems. If a Heat Pump is not sized correctly for a given climate, there will be capacity issues. Design and Sizing are important facts when looking at a Heat Pump installation. Our technicians go through training for layout, sizing, and installation of Heat Pump systems.

Air Conditioner Installation

Air Conditioning systems are absolutely necessary to our climate. When it’s time to have your A/c system replaced you want to make sure the equipment is quality and comes with a good warranty. Those two things are important for sure but the type of installation makes all the difference as well. The best-made air conditioner can quickly become the worst if it is not installed properly.

Ductless Mini-Split Installation

Mini-Splits are one of the easiest heating and cooling systems to install. However, they still require HVAC expert tools to get the job done. Many manufacturers recommend re-flaring line sets and not using factory flares. So it is essential to have a flaring kit when doing and ductless mini-split installation. In addition to that, the line set must be pulled into a tight vacuum.

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