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Furnace Installation | Central Furnace Installation

Is it time to install your furnace? Whether your furnace is natural gas, propane, or electric, we have excellent prices and can install your furnace in a hurry. After we install and test, as we do on every new gas furnace installation, we set the fuel to air mixture. Using the latest combustion analysis technology, we can set your fuel usage to the most efficient fuel burn. We do this even on our dual fuel system setups. There are many heating contractors that will install a furnace. But most installers are not technicians. They are not trained in the latest efficiency technology. Most don't even go as far as testing gas pressure to make sure enough pressure is being supplied to the gas furnace. This is an unfortunate thing we have notice in the industry in our area. 

As important as it is to set your fuel to air mixture correctly on a gas furnace during installation, makeup air must also be set correctly. Gas furnaces need air for combustion. There are codes that determine how much air is required for the amount of BTU's that are being combusted. There are also codes for where this air can and cannot come from. Our installation techs are trained for this and carry code books on their trucks to ensure installations are done by the book. 

When it's time to install your gas or electric furnace, look no further than A/c Pros. Contact us today for your free furnace installation estimate. 

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