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There is an air conditioner service, and then there is a performance air conditioner service. Many people do not know there is a difference, but one way you can tell if you are getting a performance maintenance service is to know if your BTU performance is being checked during the air conditioning service. If your BTU performance is not being tested during your ac service, you cannot if your system is performing at peak performance.

The main objective of air conditioner maintenance is to test all components on the ac system. Ac maintenance and AC repair service is what helps prevent breakdown. However, performance maintenance goes beyond checking temperatures, electrical, parts, and refrigerant. We get into the actual capacity that your cooling system is running.

Comparing what it was designed for with how it is running now tells us a lot about your ac. If you have a 5 ton but your air conditioning system is only running at 2.5 capacity that will affect your cooling bill. Your air conditioner will likely run more extended hours and possibly not cool your home. Don't settle for maintenance; ask for performance maintenance. Contact AC-Pros today!

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