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What is done during heat pump maintenance? This answer is going to vary from heat pump contractor to heat pump contractor. However, we typically check all the normal stuff that would be checked during air conditioning maintenance. The only difference is there are other components that are important to the heat cycle of the heat pump. With heat pumps, we also check things like defrost sensors and defrost boards.

We also have to check reversing valves for proper switching and verify the outdoor fan disengages during a call for defrosting. Heat pumps are very similar to air conditioning systems. In reality, a heat pump is an air conditioner that has the ability to reverse the flow of heat absorption and heat rejection.

If Heat Stips are installed in conjunction with a heat pump we also verify proper operation of backup heat. Not only when it goes into defrost but also the ability to run the heat strips by themselves in an emergency heating situation. There is a huge list of things that are checked during and routine heat pump maintenance service. Typically these types of services are performed in the fall. If you are in need of a Heat pump service feel free to contact us to schedule. If you are not in need of Heat Pump Service but Heat Pump Repair, or Heat Pump Installation check out our other pages.


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