Ductless Mini-Split Service | Ductless Mini-Split Maintenance

Can Ductless Mini Splits be serviced? Yes, and no, let me explain. Most mini-splits do not have traditional air to air conditioning or heat pump electrical components. Many parts are the same. For example, both have compressors, indoor fan motor, outdoor fan motor, refrigerant, and a few other things. However, many ductless mini-splits, especially variable speed ductless mini-splits, have a colossal VFD board to control its speed. This VFD drive is not serviceable, but the sensors that are connected to it can be checked during routine maintenance. Additionally, the refrigerant, temp, and electrical tests can also be performed during ductless mini-split maintenance.

If you have a cool only ductless mini-split or a heat pump ductless mini-split and you are due for your service don't hesitate to contact A/c Pros 


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