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There are many important factors at play when inspecting an HVAC / Heating & Air Conditioning system. For example, a return air grill size is an essential factor when checking the mechanical system. What we have found is that many return air grills are undersized. If your return air grills are not close to 200 square inches per ton, then it is too small. Not enough return air affects the performance of your Heating and Cooling system. If you do not get enough air going into your equipment, you can very quickly lose a compressor or heat exchanger before its time. Many new construction HVAC jobs go to the lowest bidder. Unfortunately, the lowest bidder usually only does what is needed to make it work. A/C PROS can spot bad install issues before they cause further damage to your system. If you think your Cooling or Heating system is running more than it should give us a call. We can usually diagnose equipment in a few minutes.

Static pressure is a measurement that we take during our performance maintenance. Static pressure tells us if you have proper airflow through your system. A simple analysis can save you thousands of dollars. Compressors break in no time with a system that has inadequate airflow. Static pressure also tells us several other things about your equipment. Our performance service is one reason our company stands out from our peers. We check every single part of the Air Conditioning and Heating System, which includes static pressure at the duct connections. Fixing static pressure problems is just one way our Performance Heating and Air Conditioning Maintenance prevent future breakdowns.

Our Maintenace Program

  • 2 tune-ups a year (spring and fall)
  • Discount on repairs
  • Priority service
  • No overtime fee

We offer both monthly and annual maintenance programs. Contact one of our experts to learn more!